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Tech Support Merchant Accounts

Computers and electronic gadgets have surely conquered the world. Where once people lived smart phone and tablet-free a few decades ago, the very thought of not being constantly wired into the ‘Net can cause personal and business problems. This explosion in technology has led to an increased demand for tech support. Yet there are issues facing tech support businesses as they are commonly considered a high risk merchant by banks. This results in them not being able to secure the services of a merchant account provider. of if they are able to, it causes them to pay a much higher rate for their transactions. If you’re tired of being a tech support company that only hears “no” from their local bank, then contact Merchant Processing Advisors as we specialize in high risk merchants. We go to our extensive list of worldwide partners and financial contacts and compile a list of merchant account providers who will compete for your business. The end result is that together we will select the merchant account provider who you’re most compatible and comfortable with, who offers the best services and features and an extremely competitive rate.

A tech support company constantly faces rejection from a bank due to being this type of a high risk merchant. This labeling is due to several reasons. The first is that a lot of tech support companies have intentionally been set up as scams in the past. Such unsavory enterprises will cold call clients and talk them into fixing “issues” that do not exist. This exchange has also led to the client’s computer getting hacked by the shady company, with the result of important documents being copied. This usually leads to charges of fraud and the use of chargebacks. Another issue is that many tech support companies base their operations abroad. Again, many fraud issues have originated from offshore, and the foreign location necessarily dictates the use of card-not-present transactions, which normally relate to higher rates of fraud and chargebacks. Merchant Processing Advisors, fortunately, has formed partnerships with financial institutions around the world who are willing to offer competitive rates to tech support businesses as well as the many features they require, such as the ability to handle multiple currencies, virtual terminals, secure payment gateways, and fraud and chargeback protection. Contact Merchant Processing Advisors for a free consultation, or you can fill out our high risk merchant account application to get a rate quote within 24 to 48 hours. Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.

Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.