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Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies

There are some tangible benefits for merchants operating in this digital age. Whether your business model is e-Commerce or MOTO, you are no longer confined to selling your wares or services to the people in just your geographic location. The entire world can be your oyster as you sell and ship your products worldwide, thus expanding your customer base dramatically. Yet there is a downside to this global marketplace in that all merchants, whether they be a conservative bedrock merchant or a high risk merchant, are dealing with the multiple currencies that are used around the world.

Merchant Processing Advisors is here to offer solutions to this problem of handling multiple currencies and turn it into a positive for increased revenue. Merchant Processing Advisors provides payment processing services for 160 different currencies used in over 190 countries. The end result is that our clients will be paid in their preferred currency and that we can offer your business nearly every payment method globally.

Our solutions for handling multiple currencies for your merchant account will make it easier for your customers to shop, which will lead to greater sales revenue. Your customers will see the prices on your website in their native currency, which gets rid of the hassle of them looking up current exchange rates. They can quickly select an item or service and then pay using their country’s currency, thus making the entire shopping experience pleasant and painless. This leads to more sales as your customer instantly know the price and creates greater customer loyalty. The sales amount will then be automatically converted into your preferred currency when deposited into your account.

Now is the time to call Merchant Processing Advisors to learn how quick and easy it is to begin accepting payments from customers spanning the globe that greatly benefits your bottom line.