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High Risk Merchant Solutions

In years past, the payment needs for businesses were pretty simple. Most transactions occurred at brick-and-mortar retail establishments with cash or checks being the most common forms of payment. Today’s business climate is much more complex, and a business needs to have access to a wide range of payment solutions open to them in order to succeed and expand, no matter if they exist on Main Street or online. Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in offering this wide range of solutions to our clients, at the lowest possible rates and with tremendous customer service.

While other merchant account agencies can only offer excuses as they’re tied to a single bank or institution, Merchant Processing Advisors can offer a multitude of payment solutions for our clients to choose from. Each business is unique and faces certain challenges, especially high risk businesses, which is why Merchant Processing Advisors offers a wide array of features. We provide assistance for each of our clients so that they can choose the solutions that fit their needs.

We listen to our clients questions & answers, and use that information to s connect them with our merchant account providers that offer the solutions that our clients actually want. By using MPA, you will have access to merchant account providers from around the world that are interested in your business, which leads to lower rates and putting more of your profits back into your own pocket. This is a boon for high risk businesses who usually find themselves backed into a corner and given few, if any, solutions to their needs. We have the experience and contacts to provide multiple solutions, at highly competitive rates We would be happy to talk with you…consulting with Merchant Processing Advisors is absolutely free.

Merchant Processing Advisors offers the following merchant services and more: