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Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

There is no disputing the importance of e-commerce in today’s business climate. Brick-and-mortar stores are declining due to the vast proliferation of internet commerce sites, with Amazon being the most notable example. Whether you’re in a field that banks view as a high risk merchant or one that is considered safe and stable, having the means to safely authorize credit and debit card payments is vital. Such payment authorizations are done through, what are called payment gateways, which connect and relay information from merchant to processor and facilitate the authorization/payment process. Merchant Processing Advisors partners represent the best gateways available, and we can integrate services using your existing gateway or integrate a new one with your website’s shopping cart.

Some merchants can become confused about the characteristics of payment gateways, but the professionals at Merchant Processing Advisors are always happy to fully explain the process. In simple terms, a payment gateway is the connection between an online payment device, such as a website or phone, and the bank that processes the credit card transaction.

There are some definite advantages to having Merchant Processing Advisors’ partners set up a payment gateway for you. First, there is tremendous security as all the credit card information is encrypted by the gateway before being sent to the processing bank. Second, Merchant Processing Advisors has payment gateway providers that vastly simplify the PCI compliance for e-commerce businesses. This is done by the gateway provider having the entire transaction take place on their server and not the merchant’s, even though the customer still fully remains on the merchant’s website. This allows the merchant to keep a secure network without worry. Third, merchants can process recurring payments through a gateway by retaining customer information. Lastly, payment gateway providers also normally provide a virtual terminal so that the merchant can process a payment from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

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