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Recurring Billing Merchant Accounts

An upwardly mobile trend in the business world is the increased amount of subscription or recurring billing that individuals are happy to take advantage of. In days gone by, a person had to physically go to a business that they used (pool cleaner, gym, or club) and pay their fees on a monthly basis or pre-pay for a specific length of time. This method of payment was both time-consuming and inefficient as it interfered with setting up a reliable, monthly budget. Now customers can set up recurring/subscription billing where they automatically pay at a specific time (usually on a monthly basis) through the use of credit cards, electronic checks, debit cards, ACH and direct deposits. While recurring/subscription billing services are increasingly common, they can still be viewed by banks as a high risk merchant due to issues of identity theft, fraud, and chargebacks. Being designated as a high risk merchant can greatly impact the ability of a recurring/subscription billing enterprise to find a merchant account provider willing to accept them, or if they are accepted, they are usually forced to pay a pretty high rate and transaction fees. Fortunately, Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in high risk merchants, and we have the capability to provide multiple solutions in that we have an extensive list of partners and financial contacts throughout the world.

The list of businesses and other entities who use recurring/subscription billing is growing every day. Some examples include: schools, gyms, magazines, accountants, churches, lawn services, cleaning services, SEO and hosting companies. Merchant Processing Advisors can provide merchant accounts that will come with needed features, such as virtual terminals, fraud and chargeback protection, integrated payment gateways, and the ability to take multiple forms of payment, from credit and debit cards to electronic checks. Another key aspect of turning to Merchant Processing Advisors is that we have different payment processors for you to choose from, that will compete for your business, which results in a more favorable transaction rate that will be highly competitive. When you’re tired of being gouged by incredibly high rates by your current merchant account provider, contact Merchant Processing Advisors for a free consultation. You can also fill out our high risk merchant account application to get a rate quote within 24 to 48 hours. Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.

Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.