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Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and Loyalty Cards

In today’s rough and tumble business world, a merchant has to look for any advantage to get customers into their store (whether it be brick-and-mortar or online) and then retain them as loyal customers. One of the solutions offered by Merchant Processing Advisors is the use of gift and loyalty cards. We’re all aware of gift certificates sold by local retailers as we often get them for our birthday or Christmas. Now gift and loyalty cards are viable options for both the physical and digital merchant anytime.

Gift cards are the equivalent of the paper certificates one used to buy at retail store. Now most places of business sell gift cards that can be redeemed either in-store or on the company’s website. The selling of gift cards is absolutely essential as that it locks in a future customer to your business. However, as the consultants at Merchant Processing advisors will note, retaining those customers is just as important as getting them through your front door in the first place. A great solution for this is through the use of loyalty cards. There are different types and methods for creating and using a loyalty program and cards for your business.

Some merchants may prefer a simple loyalty card that offers a straight discount or free shipping if certain purchase thresholds are reached. Other forms of a loyalty program may offer incentives to a customer to bring in additional customers to the business. The professionals at Merchant Processing Advisors can fully explain the various types of programs and which may be the perfect fit for your business when you call us.

There are a number of benefits to having a loyalty card program. The first is that it allows the merchant to track their most loyal customers, which should have an impact upon the merchant’s customer service interactions with those customers. A loyalty card program is a great selling point to entice new customers into trying out your business. They can also help show your business as a legitimate operation and not a small mom-and-pop venture even though you may be working out of your home. These cards can help brand your business with an identity through the chosen appearance and functionality of the cards.

Call Merchant Processing Advisors today to learn more about the financial benefits of offering gift and loyalty cards.