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Telephone (MOTO) Order Merchant Accounts

The industry definition of Mail Order has changed somewhat over the years. Officially designated as MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order), this type of business took orders over the phone, through the mail, and via a fax machine. Now, the description of a MOTO merchant also includes internet sales as well. As such, a Mail Order (MOTO) merchant is considered a high risk merchant due to the fact that their transactions are card-not-present, which means that they do not take and process a credit or debit card in the physical presence of the cardholder. The downside to this type of transaction is that it leads to a greater chance of fraud or chargebacks. The result is that many Mail Order merchants cannot find a merchant account provider who will work with them, or they are forced to pay significantly higher rates. Merchant Processing Advisors works with high risk merchants such as Mail Order/Telephone Order businesses, and we can offer multiple solutions in the form of payment processors, that will compete with one another for your business. We are able to do this because we have established partnerships with different merchant account providers around the world.

A MOTO merchant has specific needs that must be addressed by their merchant account provider. They need features such as fraud and chargeback protection, virtual terminals, payment gateways, and PCI compliance to ensure safe and secure transactions. As a Mail Order merchant can do business from all over the world, they will also need their payment processor to handle multiple currencies and integrate such a system into their overall transaction structure. Merchant Processing Advisors can provide the payment processor that will offer all the services and features that you need, and who will stand by you and help your business grow. Another benefit of contacting Merchant Processing Advisors is that, since we have multiple payment processors partners, they may be competing for your business, and we can negotiate a better deal for you and end up with an extremely competitive rate. When you’re ready to start putting more money into your pocket, contact us or fill out our high risk merchant account application. We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours with a rate quote. The best part is that our consulting is one hundred percent free of charge and our services are provided at no additional cost to you.

Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.