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E-commerce Merchant Accounts

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

The old days of the brick-and-mortar store where one did all their shopping declining as more and more people now prefer to shop online. The rush to join the e-commerce ranks is huge as sales continue to climb every single year. There was a total of $172 billion in online sales for the United States in 2010, and that number has surged to $304 billion in 2014. Globally, e-commerce has soared from $680 billion in 2010 to a staggering $1.25 trillion in 2013. These facts, combined with the increasing costs of operating a brick-and-mortar store, have led many merchants to take their business online. There are plenty of benefits of being an e-commerce merchant, but there is still a drawback due to the banks labeling you as a high risk merchant. The professionals at Merchant Processing Advisors can help remedy the situation by providing highly competitive rate quotes from our merchant account providers located around the globe.

Jumping into the e-commerce market is attractive due to the reduced overhead costs. Then there’s the fact that people are increasingly looking online for practically all their shopping needs, even groceries. Online sales are going to continue to rise as more and more people get wired in via their mobile devices. E-commerce sales made through a mobile device were $24 billion in 2012 (USA) and are projected to reach $114 billion in 2017. There are some drawbacks to being an e-commerce merchant, which a free consultation with Merchant Processing Advisors can explain more fully and offer concrete solutions.

Some risks for an e-commerce merchant is the increased chance of chargebacks and fraud, especially as most (if not all) sales will be card-not-present sales. Fortunately, Merchant Processing Advisors has partnerships with merchant account providers around the world that offer services to help combat these issues. We can also offer account providers that feature all the services that an e-commerce business will need, such as PCI compliance, fraud protection, virtual terminals, and payment gateways. If you have any questions on how Merchant Processing Advisors can help your online business, contact us today. You can also fill our high risk merchant account application and get competitive rate quotes within 24 to 48 hours.

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