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MOTO Merchant Accounts

MOTO Merchant Accounts 

There can be some fine differences between business types in the eyes of banks and merchant account providers. While most businesses display their wares online, that does not mean that they’re all considered e-Commerce merchants.

Another form of merchant that can use a website is called MOTO, which is short for mail order/telephone order. This is a holdover from the days where some merchants sold exclusively over the phone or through the mail, usually through catalogs. They are considered high risk merchants because their sales are considered card-not-present transactions as they take credit card information over the phone or fax or via mail. As such, they are susceptible to the standard problems facing high risk merchants (higher rates, increased rejection), but Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in MOTO high risk merchant accounts.

A MOTO merchant does not process their transactions through their own website. Instead, they use a merchant account provider’s gateway by using special software to process those sales, or they can physically “key-in” transactions by using a credit card terminal. The major benefit of being a MOTO merchant is that customers talk to a real person when buying something and giving out their credit card information. They enjoy more peace of mind due to this human interaction and any concerning questions about the product or service can be asked before purchase. Still, being a MOTO merchant does mean being turned down regularly by bank’s processors. Why waste your time when you can contact Merchant Processing Advisors, who can go through their list of worldwide contacts to find you the best competitive rates from merchant account providers who will compete with each other for your business?

Merchant Processing Advisors can walk you through the process of setting up a MOTO merchant account and answer any questions that may arise. Merchant Processing Advisors will also provide MOTO merchants with the solutions they need to cut down on fraud and chargebacks. As cards are not present when the sale is made, the possibility of such actions are always possible. Merchant Processing Advisors knows the solutions used to combat such practices, such as Address Verification (AVS), CVV2 (the three digits on the back of a card), and 3D Secure (three party verification), and will guide merchants toward payment processing that offers such features.

Going the extra mile to offer each client individual attention is the standard at Merchant Processing Advisors.