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Law Firm Merchant Accounts

There is no denying that now is a busy time for the courts and law firms. Between criminal cases and civil lawsuits, there is more than enough business going on for lawyers to handle. Not to mention that new areas of the law are being expounded upon, such as cyberbullying and stalking. Overall, over 55,000 people pass the bar exam every year, and there are now over 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States. With a median salary of $113,530 and an average compensation payout of $60,000 for an injury lawsuit. The problem for a law firm is that they need to have a system set up as most client charges are billed upfront. The problem is that banks consider law firms to be high risk merchants due to the increased likelihood of chargebacks and legal entanglements. Merchant Processing Advisors can provide a solution to this problem by providing the perfect merchant account that will offer the features needed for a law firm to process electronic payments easily.

There are special considerations for law firms in setting up a merchant account system. Their billing is different from other high risk merchants and can take different forms, such as trust accounts, ACH payments, setting up recurring payments, and so on. Merchant Processing Advisors has partnered with payment processors around the globe that offer the features and solutions that law firms need to have an efficient and safe processing system. We can ensure that our clients will have access to the vital tools that they need, such as virtual terminals, online and mobile payments, and integrated payment gateways that encrypt each transaction for safety. Helping clients in the court of law is a noble pursuit, and Merchant Processing Advisors is here to help law firms obtain a merchant account that will facilitate easy and secure payments. We have partnership agreements with payment processors that are interested in your business and offer highly competitive rates. You can contact us to learn more of what we can do for you, or you can fill out our high risk merchant account application to get a rate quote within 24 to 48 hours. Remember, our consultation is always free of charge. We will provide you with the best merchant account and features, at a lower cost than you would be able to achieve on your own.

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