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CBD Oil | Cannabinoid Oil Merchant Accounts

The ongoing legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana use has some interesting consequences. In states that have gone against the federal ban, the sale and use of CBD oil is allowed. CBD is Cannabidiol, one of the components of cannabis, and is also known as hemp oil or CBD hemp oil. Discovered in 1940, this natural substance makes up a full 40 percent of a hemp plant’s extract.

Cannabidiol is usually mixed with coconut or hemp oil for ingestion. However, this product does not contain THC, the substance in cannabis that gets people high and impairs their judgment. What makes this substance interesting is the reported CBD oil benefits to one’s health that come from its use. Cannabidiol has been approved by the FDA in the treatment of epilepsy, and proponents of CBD oil say that it helps provide pain relief, reduces stress and anxiety, can lower blood pressure, help fight cancer, and reduce narcotic dependence. However, the ongoing cultural and legal debate over the legalization of marijuana has led banks to consider CBD oil merchants to be high risk. As such, gaining a secure merchant account provider can become extremely difficult. Fortunately, Merchant Processing Advisors is here to help by tapping into their worldwide network of partners to provide a payment processor that will offer the necessary services at very competitive rates.

Sellers of CBD hemp oil find it very frustrating to be labeled as a high risk merchant by traditional financial institutions. Such a label means a severe cut into potential revenue as most people today use debit or credit cards to make a purchase, not cash. This means having a reliable and low-cost payment processor is vital to any business, but traditional banks have little to no desire to offer the most basic of services to those merchants they deem high risk, such as sellers of CBD oil.

The good news for CBD oil merchants is that they now have a solution to their payment processing woes. Merchant Processing Advisors is here and can offer you their expertise in providing a high risk processor that perfectly fits your needs. With differing payment options and today’s technology, there’s no longer a need to depend upon the local bank when an international merchant account providers like Merchant Processing Advisors, is eager to get help your business. We specialize in high risk merchants, and our extensive network of partners allows us to find the perfect processing account features. We will provide the best service and lowest fees.

When you’re tired of hearing no, contact Merchant Processing Advisors to get the job done. We’ll have a rate quote submitted to you soon after you fill out a short application. Please contact us to discuss our services and solutions. Our service is entirely free to use.

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