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Card Not Present Merchant Accounts

Card Not Present Merchant Accounts

Depending upon the nature of your business, it may be impossible for you to physically accept and swipe a debit or credit card through a physical terminal to process the payment. This can occur if you do business online (e-Commerce), over the telephone, or through the mail. These types of transactions are called care-not-present transactions, and banks consider businesses that accept such payments to be high risk merchants. This results in such merchants paying a higher rate due to the increased chance of fraud or chargebacks. As Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in high risk merchants, we are happy to help businesses that deal in card-not-present transactions find a merchant account provider who will offer a better rate and the services & features that such businesses require.

Merchant Processing Advisors knows that card-not-present merchants need specific services in order to operate, such as PCI compliance, virtual terminals, and payment gateways, and that such features need to be fully integrated. MPA has contacts with banks across the globe, we can provide multiple options for our clients. We like merchant account providers that will compete for your business, and provide a highly competitive rate as a result.

Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in high risk merchants and knows how to protect them. The main issue with a card-not-present payment is that there is a higher chance of a chargeback or fraud, but MPA can offer solutions to this issue as we have partnership agreements with the best in the business that fight this scourge. You can call the professionals at Merchant Processing Advisors to learn more about the various services offered by our partners that are used to combat fraud and chargebacks commonly associated with a card-not-present payment. Fill out our short high risk merchant account application today to get a number of competitive rate quotes within 24 to 48 hours.

Our services are provided at no additional cost to you.