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E-commerce Merchant Accounts

E-commerce Merchant Accounts

The prospect of only selling goods or services at your brick-and-mortar location is as old and out-dated as using a whip in buggy instead of car in today’s world. The internet has revolutionized business as thousands of merchants are setting up shop online every year. Having a business presence on the internet is a must in this digital age, and Merchant Processing Advisors can help you set up and grow your e-Commerce site. We offer services and features that e-commerce merchants find essential, such as payment gateways, shopping cart integration, finding the right hosting companies, and highly competitive rates from merchant account providers located across the world.

There are tremendous opportunities for e-commerce merchants, and Merchant Processing Advisors can help our clients maximize them. Yet there are hidden dangers as well facing internet businesses. Fraud, chargebacks, and not being PCI DSS Compliant are all problems that can sink an online merchant, but Merchant Processing Advisors has services in place to mitigate the dangers and keep e-commerce merchants fully PCI DSS Compliant.

One of the benefits of being an e-commerce merchant is keeping your overhead costs low. Merchant Processing Advisors can help lower overhead by having merchant account providers fight for your business, allowing you to pick the one provider with the best features and lowest competitive rates. No matter where you are, your business is always open, especially with the handy convenience of international processing through virtual terminals.

Choosing Merchant Processing Advisors for your e-commerce business is the right call, especially if you are classified as a high risk merchant. We always advocate on your behalf, finding the best deals possible. We provide exemplary customer service, and as an independent broker, our loyalty is only to you and not some bank.

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