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International Merchant Accounts

International/Offshore Merchant Accounts

Since Merchant Processing Advisors specializes in high risk merchant processing, we understand that there can be challenging times when few options present themselves. Many banks find it surprisingly easy to tell high risk merchants “no” on a regular basis despite promising to do everything possible to help them. This is an utter waste of time for the merchant, something that MPA dislikes. One solution that we can offer to such clients is an international/offshore merchant account that will fulfill their needs.

So what exactly is an international/offshore merchant account? Put simply, such an account is like a normal merchant account but the difference is that the account is established with a bank that resides in a different country from the business itself. There are some pros and cons to having an international/offshore merchant account. The main drawback is that the merchant tends to pay higher fees due to the location and high risk nature of their business. Merchant Processing Advisors will use its extensive list of worldwide contacts, to find the best competitive rates to save you money.

Merchant Processing Advisors play an important role, as we can secure trustworthy merchant account providers that have a proven track record. The main benefit to having an international/offshore merchant account is that it is a safety net for those businesses who are unable to secure payment processing elsewhere. The best merchant account providers, as noted by Merchant Processing Advisors, will offer features to cut down on fraud and chargebacks, using methods like CVV2, SSL, AVS, and 3D Secure. Merchant Processing Advisors can also help the client find payment processors that offer secure payment gateways and multiple currency processing.

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